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King Song

King Song KS-16X 16" Electric Unicycle

King Song KS-16X 16" Electric Unicycle

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King Song 16X Electric Unicycle:

Battery 1554Wh, 84V
Motor 2200W nominal, peaks higher
Weight 51.8Lbs
Range ~30 Miles** (need more? click here)
Top Speed ~31mph** (need more? click here)
Safety Warning System Alarms & Tilt Back
Trolley Handle Built-in, retractable, trolley handle with an anti-spin lift sensor.
Lights: Powerful headlight and taillight, side RGB LEDs (configurable in King Song app)
Speakers 4.1 Bluetooth speaker system for music and speed alarms
King Song App



King Song 16X: 16 Inch Tire, 84v 1554wh Battery, Electric Unicycle

The King Song 16x is a commuter favorite. Featuring a 16-inch tire, water-resistant design*, Bluetooth speaker system, relatively-light weight, and ergonomic trolley handle, the King Song 16x is a nimble, reliable, and enjoyable vehicle on and off the wheel.

An 84v 1554wh battery coupled with a 2200W motor allows you to travel at speeds up to 31mph, with nice low-end torque and enough range to get you to most places in the 5 boroughs on one charge while being able to confidently ride amongst the inner city's heavier traffic.

Stay seen and heard with sensor-controlled head and rear lights, app-configurable RGB LED side lights, and a 4.1 Bluetooth speaker system.




If you find yourself needing a little more range or speed because you plan on riding on more open roads where cars are traveling slightly higher than the city's 25mph speed limit you might want to look into more advanced models such as the Inmotion V12 HT/HS (1745wh, 32mph+/38mph+*), Begode/Gotway Nikola Max (2700wh, 38mph+*), or the Begode/Gotway T4 Suspension Electric Unicycle (1800wh, 35mph+*) for something with a little more range and speed but is more comfortable over those rough city roads.


*The wheel's overall design (uncompromised) is capable of riding over wet ground and in light rain without issue. Statement of water resistance is not meant to imply IP rating. Please note, water damage is not covered under warranty, ride responsibly.

**Speeds are based on a 220lb, 6'3 Rider.

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