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Begode (Gotway)

Extreme Bull k6

Extreme Bull k6

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Extreme Bull K6
Battery 146V, 3500Wh
Motor 3500W Dual Motor
Weight 165lbs
Range 60-120 Miles
Top Speed


Lights: Powerful headlight
Speakers 4.1 Bluetooth speaker system
Begode App

The Begode (Extreme Bull) K6. An electric powerhouse. A scooter... a bike... whatever you want to call it, it is a Beast. With a 146V, 3500Wh, 3500W system, the K6 has a ridiculous burn-out inducing take-off, with such power that you can go for a second burn-out at 30mph+ and continue towards its top speed of 60mph.

Truly, not practical for New York City use unless you're on the outskirts, BUT if you do happen to have the open roads near you to let it rip... this thing is a thrill to experience. 

Please exercise caution, as this Extreme Bull K6 does live up to its name.  

*Note there is a $500 shipping surcharge for the bull due to the nature of it. It needs to be shipped with freight. This fee is waived for pickup in The Bronx, New York

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