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Begode (Gotway)

Begode Commander 20" Electric Unicycle

Begode Commander 20" Electric Unicycle

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Begode (Extreme Bull) Commander 100V 20 Inch Electric Unicycle

Battery 100V, 3600Wh
Motor 2800W
Weight 80lbs
Range 60-80 Real World Miles
Top Speed 50mph
Safety Warning System Alarms & Tilt Back
Trolley Handle Built-in, retractable, trolley handle, no lift sensor, front and rear lift handles
Lights: Powerful headlight and small taillight, side RGB LEDs (configurable in Begode app)
Speakers 4.1 Bluetooth speaker system for music and speed alarms
Begode App


In The Box:

- Extreme Bull Commander

- 3 Amp 100v Charger

- Side Pads

- Extreme Bull Stock Spiked Pedals

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